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What My Clients Have to Say

I can't say enough about . A 35 yr veteran , he came to my house to look at my two furnaces that stopped working in a cold snap. He immediately took control of the situation and went on a mission to fix my heat. He evaluated and quoted what  I felt was a great price to replace one and went to work on the larger one. Ken identified a broken part and contacted several distributors in attempt to get it. He drove to get part and returned and resolved issue with my larger furnace .After he repaired  my larger system. He installed my upstairs  furnace .My family and I have never  been happier with a service


I was without hot water and radiant heat for one week. I called Kens company and he responded immediately. I explained to Ken I had called the company that installed my equipment they did not return my calls, so I called the manufacture of my system, and they were not helpful at all. 
That's when Ken resolved the problem. He troubleshooted my system found the problem immediately. He called the manufacture and obtained part numbers he also found out my boiler was still under warranty and got the parts free and only charged me for his time. My system has never worked better. I will always use Paradise Heating Air Conditioning

Judy Dean

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